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Choose your desired program from the following options:

1) 4 Weeks Program : It is the most basic programme, which includes a free consultation, a brief introduction to PTE Academic exams and all the major sections like reading, writing, listening and speaking are covered.

2) Unlimited Course : This includes attaining unlimited classes with multiple practice tests until you acquire your desired score.

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3) Speaking only : This consists of complete guidance by our expertise about all the section of speaking. In addition, it includes 4-7 classes emphasising on pronunciation, vocabulary, intonation and voice modulation.

4) Writing only: This is one of the most critical section of PTE, where most of the students find it extremely difficult. In this module, we focus on teaching effective writing technique by providing various strategies. In addition, we do provide multiple essay corrections by our connoisseur. Furthermore, summarise spoken text, summarise written text and write from dictation topics are exclusively covered.

5) Listening only: It covers all sections of listening with the aid of multiple methodologies to spot the right answers in few seconds.

6) Reading only: Reading is not new, yet effective reading to identify the right answer could be challenging. This process has been simplified by our expert team who explains, how to spot answers even in the toughest passage in the bat of an eye. This section also covers multiple choice multiple answers, multiple choice single answers and underlining incorrect words.

7) IELTS Speaking: This course is exclusively offered to students who aspire to get exceptional band score. This is a unique way to develop interpersonal skills and to build confidence by emphasising on pronunciation, academic vocabulary, grammar and intonation. It also provides live interaction with our savant to maximise your opportunity in getting faster results.

8) Exclusive Study Materials only: This includes complete kit of practise tests and sample answers, along with guidance on how to use them effectively to get the maximum benefit. This also includes, 1 free essay correction by our professionals.

Note*: All the mentioned courses are offered in closed study group as well as online.









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